Whitepaper: The future of Dutch securitisation

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Securitisation continues to be an important funding tool for the €700bn+ Dutch mortgage stock and other loan portfolios. Having said this, the usage (and the importance) of the financial instrument has gradually decreased over the last decade. Obviously, the crisis left its mark on the asset class, even though this is more about its ‘reputation’ than anything else. In fact, the collateral pools backing the transactions have showed an overall strong performance, despite the substantial headwinds facing the Dutch housing market and economy at large in the years after the crisis. In fact, the strengths of the asset class have clearly been demonstrated in these times of stress.

Fortunately, the advantages of securitisation are increasingly noted. A new regulatory framework, including the high-quality designation of Simple, Transparent and Standardised (STS) securitisations should give a boost to the asset class in the future. In this paper, we discuss the challenges and opportunities of securitisation in the Dutch context.

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