Whitepaper: Agile Leadership

Manfred van Veghel , Programme and Project Management: PRINCE2®, PPS, MoP®, MoV®, Managing Benefits®

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Many organizations have minimized their resources and maximized their output. However, still the desired outcome is not optimal or not sustainable on the long the term. Letting people or machines work even harder or longer is not a solution anymore. The capacity is already overstretched!! So there is only one option: doing things differently! Successful international (mostly technical) start-ups like Google, Zappos, Netflix, traditional organizations see an Agile transition often as a potential solution. So the traditional leaders of these organizations hire agile coaches to change the way of working and mind-set and behaviour of the frontline employees. And in most cases forget or neglect the need for a mind-set and behavioural change of middle management, senior management and the board!

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