Securitisation Award Nominees 2019

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Securitisation Award | IIRThe Securitisation Award recognises outstanding achievement, a transaction, initiative or organisation that had a significant positive contribution to or impact on the (Dutch) securitisation market in 2018/2019.

At the Securitisation Event 2019, March 21st in Amsterdam, participants will determine this year’s winner by popular vote. Nominees will each get the chance to pitch their motivation why they should win the prestigious Securitisation Award 2019.

Three initiatives have been nominated by our independent advisory board. The nominees for 2019 are…


NIBC has always been one of the most innovative participants in the Dutch securitisation market. We welcome them back after a long absence in the Dutch RMBS market with their Dutch MBS XIX. By targeting STS compliance, the transaction may contribute to a new era in the Dutch securitisation market.

NIBC logo | IIR“NIBC Bank is honoured to be nominated for the Securitsation Award 2019. NIBC was one of the first issuers of Dutch RMBS in the early 90s, has built an extensive track record of Dutch RMBS transactions over the years and DUTCH XIX signified for us a successful return to the RMBS market after a short hiatus of less than a year after the exercise of the call of Dutch XVIII. With the deadline for application of the Securitisation Regulation coming closer and the market struggling with related uncertainties, we decided to structure a transaction that complied as much as possible to the Simple, Transparent and Standardised securitisation criteria. We are confident that DUTCH XIX will be ready to become one of the first Dutch RMBS to receive an STS designation and that we will contribute to a successful new era for European securitisations in  general and Dutch RMBS specifically.”

MS Oranje (ELOC)

Morgan Stanley utilized their ELOC program to capitalize on the underserviced  ‘middle market’ Dutch CRE lending market. Sourcing in cooperating with Unifore DMC paves the way for a succesfull repeat of Oranje CMBS transactions..

“We are proud to be nominated for the Securitisation Award 2019 with the Oranje (ELOC 32) CMBS deal. Oranje is a unique first-time application of a multi loan CMBS 2.0 structure including senior loans backed by Dutch office, retail, and residential properties. The CMBS benefits from bespoke pro-rata/sequential and Class X triggers. We will continue to focus on the underserved Dutch CRE “middle market” with the ultimate aim of providing our clients with the best in-class asset-based lending products.”

Obvion FORDless Storm

Obvion: As the most frequent issuer in the Dutch RMBS market, Obvion always has taken responsibility to develop new ideas. With this FORDless Storm 2018, Obvion has provided the market with unique new long term RMBS instrument.

‘’Obvion is an established originator and servicer of Dutch residential mortgages and active in the mortgage business since 2002. Obvion has a strong commitment to the securitisation market and is a leading issuer in the Dutch securitisations market with a total of 48 issued RMBS transaction. Obvion is always looking for innovative and new opportunities in the securitisation market to extend its funding mix and diversify its investor base. FORDless STORM is one of the latest novelties to the STORM programme. It’s one of the few prime-RMBS transactions issued beyond the 5 year WAL. Compared to regular public STORM issuances, FORDless STORM (with a WAL of 10,4 years) provides Obvion with longer funding (partly expected to run beyond 20 years).  We are proud of the nomination for FORDless STORM and are looking forward to 21 March!’’