Securitisation Award Nominee: Santander

About the Securitisation Award 2016

The Securitisation Award recognises outstanding achievement or a transaction, initiative or organisation that had a significant positive contribution to or impact on the (Dutch) securitisation market in 2015/2016.

Three initiatives have been selected by an independent advisory board, one of which is Santander.


As the largest European  issuer, Santander is active in many asset classes and jurisdictions. Santander puts great effort in developing and maintaining a strong European securitisation market.

Reaction Steven Gandy, Managing Director, Head of DCM Solutions, Santander: “For the last several years in Europe, Santander has achieved one of the top rankings in both the securitisation issuer and arranger league tables, reflecting the strategic importance that securitisation plays for Santander, as an integral part of a diversified funding plan, a means of optimising capital, and as a key financing product we offer to our clients.

Santander has also worked  with other stakeholders in promoting a safe and transparent securitisation market.  They were founding members of the PCS initiative, which seeks to grant certifications to securitisations which meet strict criteria of quality, standardisation and transparency.  Santander were founding shareholders in the European DataWarehouse, which provides a central repository for loan level detail in order to promote transparency in the European securitisation market.  Santander also works actively with AFME, EBF and the EFR in advocacy activities and responses to regulatory consultations with regard to securitisation regulations and the proposed STS legislation and CRR amendments currently being debated in the European Parliament.

As an issuer and arranger of asset-backed securities in 13 European countries, Santander believes it is vital to assure that securitisation maintains its key financing and capital recycling role in helping banks to provide financing to the real economy.”

At the Securitisation Event 2016, 21 and 22 april in Amsterdam, participants will determine this year’s winner by popular vote. Nominees will each get the chance to pitch their motivation why they should win the prestigious Securitisation Award 2016.