Securitisation Award Nominee: RNHB

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About the Securitisation Award 2018

The Securitisation Award recognises outstanding achievement or a transaction, initiative or organisation that had a significant positive contribution to or impact on the (Dutch) securitisation market in 2017/2018.

Three initiatives have been nominated by an independent advisory board.

We are RNHBproud that we have successfully launched our Dutch Property Finance (DPF) program with the inaugural DPF 2017-1 as of July 2017. This sets the tone and standard for buy-to-let products in the MBS market. We are committed to leverage our portfolio with forward-thinking securitization solutions that aim to bolster our performance.

Our ambition is to continuously find and build possibilities to provide our clients with the best in-class asset-based lending products. The DPF program was pinpointed a strategic pillar of this overall mission. Our well-oversubscribed DPF 2017-1 is the first result – and we are confident to meet many more of our expectations for the future.