Securitisation Award Nominee: Dynamic Credit & Goldman Sachs

About the Securitisation Award 2017

The Securitisation Award recognises outstanding achievement or a transaction, initiative or organisation that had a significant positive contribution to or impact on the (Dutch) securitisation market in 2016/2017.

Three initiatives have been nominated by an independent advisory board.

Video: Merijn Bosman, Dynamic Credit, explains why this deal is so unique

The Dutch RMBS market has advanced over the years through a process of incremental innovation. In order to launch DCDML 2016-1 fundamental change was required. Processes starting at the origination of the mortgage loans all the way to the securitization reporting had to be reworked to make this deal possible.

Atypical for the Dutch RMBS market, all tranches, including the residual tranche, were (pre-)placed. In addition, in the securitization structure several novelties for the Dutch RMBS market have been introduced such as a remarketing call option that enables the residual value noteholders to re-leverage the transaction without direct involvement from the originator, a reserve fund with class specific ledgers, principal to pay interest (under certain conditions) and an asset swap substantially different from typical Dutch RMBS “total return swaps”.

At the Securitisation Event 2017, 19 April 2017 in Amsterdam, participants will determine this year’s winner by popular vote. Nominees will each get the chance to pitch their motivation why they should win the prestigious Securitisation Award 2017.