Securitisation Award 2020

Winner of the Securitisation Award 2020: Domivest


The Securitisation Award recognises outstanding achievement, a transaction, initiative or organisation that had a significant positive contribution to or impact on the (Dutch) securitisation market in 2019/2020.

All Securitisation Event participants determined this year’s winner by popular vote online. Nominees pitched their motivation online why they should win the prestigious Securitisation Award 2020.

Three initiatives have been nominated by our independent advisory board. The nominees for 2020 are…


Domivest – Domi 2019-1

Domi 2019-1, first buy-to-let transaction.


Domi 2019-I was a remarkable transaction for several reasons:



    • “It was the first buy-to-let transaction from the Domivest platform and also the first of this RMBS type out of the Dutch market that offered the most junior notes to investors
    • The transaction was a new boost to the emerging Dutch buy-to-let RMBS market, which had seen only one sponsor of such transactions before Domi’s arrival. Successful marketing resulted in a strong orderbook for all tranches.
    • This positive outcome was a reward for the founders of the company, that had the vision to set-up a buy-to-let platform in an underserved market and to use securitisation as a very efficient funding tool’’


Credit Agricole

Magoi – off balance sheet / capital relief consumer loans



This transaction has further developed the ABS programme.

“With the Magoi transaction, Credit Agricole has further developed their Dutch Consumer ABS programme by joining the emerging trend in Europe to offer the whole capital structure of ABS’s. This provides a major further step in the process to revigorate the European securitisation market.”