The future of Alternative Lending in Europe

Marcel Gerritsen , Head of Corporate Lending

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Marcel Gerritsen from Rabobank answers some questions about what Alternative Lending means to Rabobank and speaks about the future of Alternative Lending.

What does the rise of Alternative Lending mean for Rabobank?

It creates a new opportunity to diversify the loans originated by Rabobank on a cost efficient basis to a wide range of individual end-investors including high net worth individuals, family offices, institutional investors etc. We are following it with interest and want to be in the front row of this development.

In which way(s) is Rabobank active in this market?

We are experimenting to see if origination & marketplace distribution can add to our strategy of being the core bank for enterpreneurs in The Netherlands and Food & Agri clients worldwide.

How do you see the future of Alternative Lending in Europe and why?

It is a market which will show considerable growth opportunities as it allows to efficiently and effectively connect the highly fragmented investor community with the originators of corporate and personal loans in the European market by making optimal use of new ICT-solutions and technologies. For banks in particular there is a great opportunity in the form of hybrid lending, where customers on the asset side of the balance sheet benefit from direct lending by customers on the liability side of the balance sheet.

Why is an event about Alternative Lending interesting for people in your business?

It will allow a variety of relevant stakeholders such as originators, (institutional) investors, FinTech companies, crowdfunding parties, regulators and politicians to discuss opportunities and threats of this quickly developing market.