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1 day conference

Alternative Lending

26 September 2017 | Amsterdam

A new perspective on the value chain of lending in Europe

At the Alternative Lending Event 2017 the value chain of lending will be dismantled and examined

At the Alternative Lending Event 2017 the value chain of lending will be dismantled and examined. As part of the disintermediation of banks, many new initiatives for ‘platform lending’ arise and challenge the existing financial institutions. At this event we will look at the different parts of the value chain of lending from the perspectives of both ‘high street banks’ and new platforms that focus on a specific niche.

Though mortgages are already a well-known asset class in the Netherlands for institutional investors, the possibilities offered by investing in SME, CRE and consumer loans are also gaining attention.

Key topics of the event:

  • Investment structure – Point of view from both investor and platform: why invest in this new structure?
  • Marketing: what is the best marketing strategy for today’s customer: how to reach him online and what is the best front end strategy?
  • Different types of origination platforms: SME, CRE, Mortgages and Consumer Loans in the spotlights.
  • Ongoing client contact: how to use data to keep track of your customer?

This event gives a great insight in the whole new order of lending and the new role banks play in it.

Please join us on the 26th of September in Amsterdam to hear all about it and meet your peers and build upon new relations.


Conferentie Alternative Lending Conferentie Alternative Lending Conferentie Alternative Lending


Programme Alternative Lending event

26 September 2017

  • 09:00

    Opening by your chairman


    • Taking you through the scheme of the day
    • Short visual overview of the whole value chain of lending
    • Different types of loans
    • New developments in the market: are fintech platforms taking their piece of the pie?
    • Pascal Spelier [finno]
  • 09:15

    Overview market: comparing alternative lenders in the UK market


    • In depth overview of the growth of peer to peer lending in the UK
    • Analysis of peer to peer lending as an asset class
    • What the Dutch market can learn from the UK
    • Iain Niblock Orca Money
  • 09:45

    Creating the best conditions possible to stimulate competition: Regulatory stimulation of the Alternative Finance market in the Capital Markets Union


    • Financial integration for EU 27 – The development of a Capital Markets Union.
    • Diversification of sources of finance to create a strong European market and attract international investors.
    • Perspective on new business models and new competitors entering the market.
    • Jung Duk Lichtenberger European Commission
  • 10:15


  • 10:45

    PANEL – in the spotlight – Why Alternative Lending is skyrocketing


    • Moderator: Setting the scene: the shift from traditional banks to fintech companies and alternative lending for mortgages, SME, CRE and consumer loans.
    • Investors/ lenders perspective
      • Why do you invest in Direct Lending?
      • Why have you chosen this particular structure and what is the craziest structure you have come across?
      • Risk & Return in the different underlying loan types of Alternative financing platforms




    • Platform perspective
      • What customer problem are you solving?
      • What are the most important opportunities and issues you come across?
      • How do you see the future of Alternative/ platform lending?
    • Alexander Smits European Investment Bank
    • Frank Meijer AEGON Asset Management
    • Felix Berger Cervus Capital Partners N.V
    • Marcel Gerritsen Rabobank
  • 11:45

    Todays customer is online. What is the best marketing strategy to get them to know you? And what kind of technology can you use to reach them?

  • 12:15


  • 13:15

    Break out sessions – choose the session of your liking


    2 Rounds – 40 mins per round


    • Legal structuring and funding of alternative lending platforms
    • Alternative Loan Fund (ALF) – example of cooperation with traditional banks.
    • PSD2: an earthquake in payments and game changer for the industry.
      • How can you use the information to stay in contact with your customer?
      • What are the parallels between banks and alternative lenders in this perspective?
      • How can banks and new lending platforms combine their forces?
    • How can you use data to your benefit – preventing risk in payment.
      • Examples from the use of data by other industries
      • Credit quality: how to estimate risks in advantage?
    • White label solutions – how traditional banks cooperate with new platforms.
    • Institutional appetite for marketplace/hybrid lending.
    • Philippe Steffens Baker & McKenzie
    • Paul van Dijk Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • 14:45


  • 15:15

    Spotlight on different loan types: mortgages, SME, CRE and consumer loans


    • Where do you stand in the value chain of lending?
    • Do you cooperate with ‘high street banks?’
    • Consumer Loans in the Dutch Market: why a fundamental difference in culture made regulation evolve differently from UK and US.
    • Jeroen Batema Open Source Investor Services (OSIS)
    • Reinier Pollmann AFM
  • 16:00

    DEBATE: pick your side and join the debate – do you agree with the following statements?


    • “There will always be a need for the ‘old school’ financial institutions.”
    • “The Alternative Lenders will eventually be the new banks. With all the reputational consequences it brings.”
    • “There is a necessity to transform traditional banks into more competitive institutions with less government interference.”
  • 16:45

    Closing remarks by your chairman


  • 17:00

    End of program. Networking drinks


Conferentie Alternative Lending Conferentie Alternative Lending


For more information about speaking and partnership opportunities, please contact Amy Reijgersberg via email (a.reijgersberg@iir.nl) or telephone: 0031 20 5805 456

For speaking and partnership opportunities please contact Amy Reijgersberg for more information.

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What do others say?

  • Great conference; relevant speakers & audience

    Thomas de With, Crowdpartners

  • Very good and relevant topic. Would have been interested in an even longer agenda.

    Andrea Beltramello, European Commission

  • It was a good conference for sharping strategic thinking on the subject and to explore scenarios on how the marketplace lending can improve.

    Michiel Waardenburg, Sopra Banking Software

  • Professional public; covered subjects/perspectives were good; sufficient interaction of public.

    Anne Hakvoort, FG Lawyers

  • Well organized, interesting conference participants & fruitful discussions!

    Dennis Davidoff, KfW

  • Relevant audience & good presentations!

    Arthur Hopstaken, hjco Capital Partners

  • Good and knowledgeable speakers

    David de Koning, Funding Circle

  • Interesting presentations, well organized.

    Snijders, Rabobank

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